It would be the best course I have been on – and I have been on a few! I understand myself better than I ever have – what motivates me, what holds me back, and how my personality affects others.

Succeeding in a complex and dynamic world demands great relationship skills. Cue the Leadership Edge Laboratory, an immersive learning experience that will challenge you to relook at how you lead – not how you should lead, based on some theoretical model, but in an authentic way that works best for you.

The workshop is based on a unique training design known as a Human Interaction Laboratory (HI Lab). Laboratories generally are places where investigation and change occur: The Leadership Edge Laboratory is a tried and true programme that provides a rigorous and challenging learning experience. Participants learn how they are seen by others, and have the opportunity to experiment with different behaviours and receive feedback on what works best for them. As a result, they leave with greater emotional intelligence, emotional resilience and behavioural flexibility. The Laboratory experience is radically different from a standard training course and holds up the possibility of greater change as a result.

These Laboratories are used by world-class universities on their MBA and executive education programmes to teach 'soft' leadership skills. Ian Brooks has been offering The Leadership Edge Laboratory since 2007, and since then it has proved so popular that he has run it over 90 times.

This is your chance to participate in 2018. Each course is limited to only 9 people.

Why Should You Attend This Workshop?

By attending you will:

Who is the workshop suitable for?

Anyone in or about to move into a leadership role, or who is required to influence others in the course of their work.

Course Information

Please contact Ian Brooks for available dates.

Course Fee

$1,850 plus GST


Ian Brooks is an Adjunct Senior Fellow at the University of Canterbury, and a facilitator/coach in private practice. He has a Ph.D. in Organisational Behaviour, MBA(Hons, and an M.Ed (Dist) Counselling.

This is what the participants on a most recent 2017 course had to say about their experience:

The Leadership Edge has an overall satisfaction rating of 4.9 out of 5.0, based on 218 paying customers since the beginning of 2016.

To register, please contact Ian Brooks at or phone 021 352 301.